National Council for Support of Disability Issues

3870 Mountain Rd

Haymarket, VA 20169

Phone: (703) 753-9148 (voice and fax)


For more information, contact Trisha Fink, Executive Director at

The National Council for Support of Disability Issues works to provide a means for sharing information, resources, ideas and support between people with all types of disabilities. They encourage and support people with disabilities to reach economic independence through opportunities in education, information and employment. This Council provides information on current legislative issues that affect civil rights, accessibility and the safety of people with disabilities. They encourage voting for candidates that support their interests. Advancing the attitudes, consideration, respect and awareness of the general public toward people with all disabilities is also important to the Council. They strive to increase the self-esteem and strive for perfection in their own manner within their disability. Finally, the Council works to increase enjoyment of life through sports, recreation and social interaction.

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FCTD has been honored to serve you since 1999. Now our work has been taken up and expanded by the Center on Technology and Disability Please visit us there where you can find all FCTD materials in the CTD Library, view a wide array of new resources on assistive and educational technology, and participate in expert-led forums and professional development events.