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Personal Story: Jeanne Dwyer

In Personal Story, Jeanne Dwyer, Coordinator of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Technology in Education, shares some of what she has learned as the parent of Francis, a 20 year old with Downs Syndrome. She discusses her philosophy of independence and the tools, strategies and skills that Francis uses to become successfully independent. The self-advocacy skills he has developed are critical to his transition to an independent life, and ...

Published: 2013 by Jeanne Dwyer , Reviewed: November 04, 2013



BeSeen is a free interactive social media safety app from WebWise Kids and Carnegie Mellon. It is a game-based curriculum designed to teach players to protect their personal, private information, defend their online reputation, and stand up for their peers online. BeSeen players create a game profile and can then earn awards and additional characters with which to interact. They do so by learning about their "friend characters" and helping ...

Published: 2013 by Web Wise Kids, Inc. , Reviewed: December 05, 2013



Rewordify is a free website that makes English easier to read. In some ways it is similar to a thesaurus, but allows users to enter not just single words, but entire sentences, pages, and even websites, for clarification. Passages are preferred, as difficult words are 'rewordified' using the context of the sentence. For example, paste in "The tempest raged outside while the throng huddled inside.", and it is 'rewordified' into, ...

Published: 2013 by Rewordify , Reviewed: October 01, 2013


For Kids with Special Needs, More Places to Play

This broadcast, from National Public Radio (NPR), (for which a written transcript is provided on the website), discusses wording in the federal Americans with Disabilities Act that makes inclusive playgrounds mandatory in communities across the nation. The high cost of building an accessible playground and the requirements that must be met are detailed. The broadcast calls attention to the fact that generally it is parents in a community who spearhead ...

Published: 2013 by Robert Benincasa , Reviewed: October 02, 2013


ttstudentservices instructional videos

Bruce Salter, a pediatric physical therapist and assistive technology consultant, has created a series of videos and posted them on YouTube. The videos are aimed at parents and educators in an effort to help with the implementation and effective use of programs and apps related to reading and learning. There are instructions for using iPad technology as well as information on IEP's, legislation related to use of restraints and seclusion, ...

Published: 2013 by Bruce Alter , Reviewed: October 03, 2013


Adapted Innovation

This Facebook page is paired with a blog by the same name. Adapted Innovation focuses primarily on resources for students with visual or hearing impairments and follows related education news and technology insights. Both the blog and Facebook page are regularly updated with new posts and include topics related to assistive technology in the classroom and at home, universal design for learning (UDL), mobility needs, accessibility, inclusion and advocacy.

Published: 2013 by Julie Johnson, Leslie Caldwell , Reviewed: October 04, 2013


Playgrounds for Everyone

This website, supported by National Public Radio (NPR), is devoted to identifying accessible playgrounds around the country. There are excellent pictures which describe the features of an accessible playground as delineated in federal guidelines that went into effect for new and altered playgrounds after March 14, 2102. The law requires that new or altered playgrounds be accessible to all so that all kids are included in public play areas. This ...

Published: 2013 by NPR , Reviewed: September 30, 2013


iAdvocate App

The iAdvocate app, developed in 2011, is a project of the Syracuse University School of Education, Syracuse University Parent Advocacy Center and The Center on Human Policy, Law and Disability Studies. It has a variety of resources and prompts for parents who want to advocate for their child’s inclusion in a general education classroom. There are prompts which help a parent respond to typical statements school officials might make as ...

Published: 2013 by Syracuse University , Reviewed: October 29, 2013


Richie Parker: Drive

This is a short ESPN video report on the life of Richie Parker, who was born without arms (but with an abundance of self-determination) who became a chassis and body component designer for race cars. Viewers will see a young man who has successfully adapted his environment from childhood to adulthood, living independently and designing race car chassis and body components for Hendrick Motorsports, one of the most prestigious race ...

Published: 2013 by Tom Rinaldi , Reviewed: October 15, 2013


The Sound of Equality

The Sound of Equality is a music video about the importance of accessible materials for students with disabilities. The video itself is accessible with audio description and ASL sign language interpretation. The video opens with a young student using her iPad while another student with a guide dog enters the classroom. Two women representing the principles of accessible design and universal design for learning enter the classroom to provide the ...

Published: 2013 by Jan McSorley and Amanda Hart , Reviewed: November 04, 2013


How can parents promote the use of accessible technology in schools?

This webpage from AccessIT is a web version of Breaking Down Barriers K-12 and Beyond - A Parents’ Guide to Accessible Technology in Schools by Dr. Sheryl Burgstahler. Written in straighforward, family-friendly language, it offers parents guidance in how to effectively promote the use of accessible information technology in their children's schools. It answers common questions related to accessible technology advocacy, including: What do I need to know? What should ...

Published: 2013 by Sheryl Burgstahler, University of Washington , Reviewed: October 03, 2013


New Technology Opens Doors for Disabled Students

This podcast from WNYC includes brief interviews from three students who also presented at the Inclusion Requires Participation Conference held in April 2013 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtBxkbQ1qcY) discussing the wide range of AT options and the need for AT tools to be widely available to students with disabilities. The podfic also includes another interview from the parent of a child with autism, who noted the need for app developers to address the complexities ...

Published: 2013 by Reema Khrais , Reviewed: December 05, 2013


Sublime Speech

Created by Danielle Reed M.S., CCC-SLP, who "loves spicing up therapy with fun activities and technology", this blog is packed with freebies and do-it-yourself activities, "consult the app" reviews, and much more on this creative blog designed for therapists and parents. Ms. Reed uses high- and low-tech materials in her work with children; much of the low-tech is reproducible at home, and everything that she reviews has a detailed description, ...

Published: 2013 by Danielle Reed M.S., CCC-SLP , Reviewed: September 30, 2013



ThinkUKnow (www.thinkuknow.co.uk) is a UK-based online safety project designed to inform and empower children, parents, caregivers, and teachers to protect children and young people from online predators. ThinkUKnow is part of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, a collaboration between child protection agencies and police in the UK, specializing in the protection of children and bringing offenders to justice. ThinkUKnow provides a carefully modulated, information-rich approach to online awareness ...

Published: 2013 by Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) , Reviewed: September 05, 2013


MyScript for Livescribe

Designed to transcribe from Livescribe Echo or Pulse pens, MyScript for Livescribe uses handwriting recognition software (MyScript) to convert handwriting and drawings to digital text. The MyScript interface is available in 20 languages and offers user dictionaries, export to Microsoft Word or email, and the option to save files as pictures, Word documents, or text. MyScript for Livescribe works with Windows XP and higher as well as Mac OS X ...

Published: 2013 by Vision Objects , Reviewed: September 05, 2013


Think Through Math

Think Through Math is a web-based program that covers math content for children in grades 3 through high school (Algebra 1), according to Common Core and state standards for 25 states. It is designed to supplement traditional classroom instruction, helping to prepare students for Common Core Standards and testing. It is designed to be a response-to-intervention (RTI) tool for underperforming students. Instructions and exercises are provided via an adaptive tutoring ...

Published: 2013 by Think Through Math , Reviewed: November 22, 2013


PBS Kids Play!

This website has dozens of games and other activities that are designed to meet national educational standards for preschool and kindergarten. The seven curricular areas addressed include: Creativity, Healthy Development, Language Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. The games encourage active learning designed to promote critical thinking and problem solving. The gaming environment is customized so that a child is prompted to progress through higher-level skills as s/he demonstrates ...

Published: 2013 by PBS , Reviewed: September 30, 2013


The Website of Luis Perez

Luis Perez is an educator with a visual impairment. His website focuses on apps for iPod and iPhone that make materials accessible to people with disabilities. He provides information on new products and creative ways he has found to use Apple programs. He blogs and posts videos on YouTube. He tweets and shares his love of photography and adventure. The website includes a comprehensive resource page and lots of tips ...

Published: 2013 by Luis Perez , Reviewed: September 30, 2013


Little Bear Sees

Little Bear Sees is a website designed to be a resource guide for parents of children with Cortical Visual Impairment. Created by the parents and grandmother of a child with CVI, it answers questions and provides basic information about CVI. It gives advice to parents on what toys are most effective for children with CVI. There are links throughout that can be easily accessed. There are a great many resources, ...

Published: 2013 by Aubri Tallent, Andrei Tallent, Fredy Bush , Reviewed: September 05, 2013


Children's Technology Review

Children’s Technology Review is a comprehensive searchable review database of children’s interactive media. Each product is clearly described and tagged for education content, platform and age. It is also rated using a standardized rating system which evaluates five factors that apply to most children’s interactive media experiences: ease of use; educational value; entertainment value; design features; and overall value. Approximately 50 new products are added each month; there more than ...

Published: 2013 by Warren Buckleitner , Reviewed: October 04, 2013

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