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Think Through Math

Think Through Math is a web-based program that covers math content for children in grades 3 through high school (Algebra 1), according to Common Core and state standards for 25 states. It is designed to supplement traditional classroom instruction, helping to prepare students for Common Core Standards and testing. It is designed to be a response-to-intervention (RTI) tool for underperforming students. Instructions and exercises are provided via an adaptive tutoring ...

Published: 2013 by Think Through Math , Reviewed: November 22, 2013


Talking Goggles

Talking Goggles is an application for smartphones that uses the camera to recognize images and speak aloud what it finds. It recognizes logos, landmarks, books, products, artwork, text and more. It can be used as a scanner/copier. In video mode, it can 'watch' video and if it captures familiar images, can describe them aloud. Customizable features include using the LED light of a smartphone to illuminate images in dim light, ...

Published: 2013 by Sparkling Apps , Reviewed: June 12, 2013


Panther Writer

We all type differently, and the traditional QWERTY keyboard has little logic in today's world other than being the "default" for those typing with 10 fingers. Others have been designed to be far more efficient but have never caught on. With Panther Writer, Panther Technology has rethought the keyboard and come up with an initial offering of four keyboards that provide increased access to a wide range of individuals who ...

Published: 2012 by Panther Technology , Reviewed: February 01, 2013


Panther Connect

Many of us take controlling our computers for granted. We use a keyboard and mouse, and maybe a trackpad to open files, send mail, draw pictures, or browse the web. We don't even really think about it - except when we come across something we can't handle - multiple keystrokes, accurate enough control of a mouse, navigating menus - and then we're stuck. Since people have very different abilities and ...

Published: 2012 by Panther Technology , Reviewed: May 15, 2013


Collaborative Digital Presentations Enrich Projects

This video and the accompanying information and resources are sponsored by Edutopia as part of the Lucas Foundation Tech2Learn video series. Their stated purpose is to go into the classrooms of educators who use technological tools in their lessons every day and share their strategies and successes for others to learn from and perhaps adopt. In this episode, teacher Kate Summers from Impact Academy in Hayward, CA, describes and demonstrates ...

Published: 2012 by Kate Summers , Reviewed: August 29, 2013


Technology can help special-needs children to communicate, play

This article begins by introducing Caden, a 6 year old boy who has Down’s syndrome. While Caden was able to use some sign language to communicate with his parents and his aide at school, communication with peers, teachers and others was not possible until he got an iPad. The article includes a video that shows him using his iPad and the communication app Proloquo2go. When Caden’s family started to look ...

Published: 2012 by Nick Malawskey , Reviewed: April 01, 2013



The Integrate AT blog comes from long-time AT consultant and educator Gayl Bowser. Integrate AT is geared toward teachers and AT professionals and is full of useful resources and tips designed to address AT issues throughout the year. Archived webinars and e-book resources are also available. Bowser does not post frequently, but her insights are worth waiting for.

Published: 2012 by Gayl Bowser , Reviewed: November 13, 2012


Panther Math Paper

Math Paper is a universally designed iPad app that provides access to math tools previously not available to those requiring alternative access to math computation. Problems from early addition through complex algebra can be worked on the Math Paper grid in much the same way as one might do with a pencil. It is not a calculator, but a work area to enable many students with varying abilities to be ...

Published: 2012 by Panther Technology , Reviewed: February 20, 2013


Panther Calculator

Panther Calculator is a basic calculator for adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing and finding square roots, developed using principles of universal design. Universal design (UD) is design methodology which meets the needs of the widest possible group of potential users. Part of the theory is that if it is designed with the needs of people with disabilities in mind, it is going to be designed better for everyone. The result with ...

Published: 2012 by Panther Technology , Reviewed: February 20, 2013


Science of the Summer Olympics

The Science of the Summer Olympics is a mainstream web site included in NBCLearn.com. It includes ten videos on different technologies that are an integral part of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Three of these address technologies that enable people with disabilities to participate in the games: "The Strength and Flexibility of Oscar Pistorius" He is known around the world as the blade-runner. South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius is ...

Published: 2012 by NBC Learn , Reviewed: August 13, 2012


Push Girls

Push Girls is a new TV series from the Sundance Channel that follows the lives of four real women who use wheelchairs for mobility. Each is a strong individual who has acquired para- or quadriplegia due to accidents. The series follows each woman's story as well as their friendship in this 14 part series. Push Girls producer Gay Rosenthal, says, "Watching the 'Push Girls' tackling life with spirit and confidence ...

Published: 2012 by Sundance Channel , Reviewed: August 13, 2012


Emerging Ed Tech: Engaging students and enhancing learner outcomes with ...

EmergingEdTech is a blog started by Kelly Walsh, currently Chief Information Officer at The College of Westchester in White Plains, NY. He began by committing to research and write about a new relevant topic each week, and invites contributions from others. The result is a wealth of diverse resources to support innovative and successful integration of emerging educational technologies and strategies, accessible through category browsing or searching. Of note is ...

Published: 2012 by Kelly Walsh , Reviewed: April 17, 2012


This Time It's Personal

This article takes a new look at personalized learning, defining it as "a student-centered teaching and learning model that acknowledges and accommodates the range of abilities, prior experiences, needs, and interests of each student--with the goal of moving every student to a higher standard of achievement." Noting that that this is not at all a new theory, it suggests that its implementation might really be possible for the first time ...

Published: 2012 by Jennifer Demski , Reviewed: February 02, 2012


iPortal Accessibility

iPortal Accessibility is an innovative combination of very specific assistive technology and one of the most widespread mainstream technologies. It is an interface of Dynamic Controls' wheelchair controllers with an Apple iPhone. Initially the two were paired via Bluetooth so that the iPhone could provide the user feedback on the chair such as speed, direction, battery function etc. But with the link established, Dynamic Controls' developers went on to give ...

Published: 2012 by Dynamic Controls , Reviewed: September 26, 2012


Dozens of iPad Apps for Young Students on the Spectrum at Your Fingertips

Tablet computers have really transformed the way we teach students with learning disabilities. Teachers who have access to mobile technology are scrambling to find the best education apps for the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. Educators use apps for everything from communicating with students to inspiring creativity to dissecting virtual frogs. This article, by two edtech-savvy professionals, identifies both specific apps and app lists, that classroom teachers can use with ...

Published: 2012 by K. Walsh& Gemma Jones , Reviewed: April 26, 2013


Free Resources from the Net for Every Learner

This blog gathers resources from around the Web, from educational sites to downloadable programs, and puts them in a format where they can be found by teachers and parents looking to provide enrichment and assistive technology to students with special needs. Users can check it daily to see what‘s new, or go through the categories -- including art, basic concepts, geography, history, languages, life skills, literacy, math, physical education and ...

Published: 2012 by Paul Hamilton , Reviewed: April 22, 2008


From Bach to Lady Gaga: Music Lessons to Special Ed

This podcast offers a presentation made at a conference of the U.S. Office of Special Education Programs by Dr. David Rose of the Center for Applied Special Technologies (CAST). Dr. Rose works in the field of neuroscience and studies ways to integrate children with disabilities into activities that all children enjoy. This presentation about how people enjoy music looks at ways technology can help people with disabilities to create and ...

Published: 2011 by David Rose , Reviewed: August 29, 2013


Christine Southard’s Blogspot

This is a blog rich in resources for both teachers and parents. Written by a teacher with experience in inclusion and assistive technology, and who is qualified as a Distinguished Educator, the information available on the blog strongly addresses UDL (universal design for learning) in school settings. Ms. Southard provides links to podcasts, videos and slideshows. Her blogspot includes thought-provoking discussions on a range of low- to high-tech ideas for ...

Published: 2011 by Christine Southard , Reviewed: December 21, 2011


Word Q + Speak Q

Version 3 of Word Q and Speak Q offers a simple but powerful set of support tools for the reading and writing process. While not as sophisticated as some of the other options available that include text to speech, word prediction and/or voice recognition, they do what they do very well and with a simplicity and strategies that make them very useable. The software installs on Windows XP or later ...

Published: 2011 by Quillsoft , Reviewed: July 12, 2011



Abilipad (formerly Intellipad) is an app for iPad that allows users to take notes, use word prediction, use text-to-speech, import photos, and record voice. Teachers can create lesson plans and customized keyboards for students, or download keyboards from Abilipad. Lessons and keyboards created by other Abilipad users are downloadable with the touch of a button so teachers do not have to reinvent the wheel. (Note: the iPad must have a ...

Published: 2011 by Cheryl Bregman , Reviewed: June 24, 2013

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