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The Assistive Technology Blog

"The Assistive Technology Blog" is a publication of the Virginia Department of Education's Training and Technical Assistance Center (T/TAC) at VCU (not to be confused with AssistiveTechnologyBlog.com, also reviewed here by FCTD). It is a very simply organized blog of hundreds of resources that can be accessed by month or by by these categories: - Assistive Technologies - AT and Standardized Assessment - AT and Transition - AT for Math ...

Published: 2013 by Susanne Croasdaile , Reviewed: April 01, 2013


Transition Hub

Transition Hub is collection of online tips, assessments, and toolkits related to transition planning and customized employment for students with disabilities. The website is a bit stark but the resources are excellent. The assessment page includes links to both free and paid assessment tools, and the customized employment page offers three guides and several articles related to customized employment. Some of the transition manuals and toolkits include the FCTD "Family ...

Published: 2013 by Unknown , Reviewed: April 25, 2013



"For more than a decade, ADDitude magazine has been serving families and adults living with attention deficit disorder by publishing expert information about ADHD diagnosis & treatment, school accommodations, parenting ADD kids, getting organized with ADD, and much more." This quote from ADDitudeMag.com describes the resource's scope well. The website makes available a broad range of information, organized under the topics: Adult ADHD, Parenting ADHD Children, ADHD Treatment, School and ...

Published: 2013 by Multiple Authors , Reviewed: September 03, 2013


Autism After 16

Autism After 16 is an excellent website for individuals with ASD and their families. The website focuses on adults with autism and offers analysis, commentary, and related information geared toward transition issues, life skills (videos), health and wellness, postsecondary education, employment, financial issues, housing, community life, arts, and research. Autism After 16 is a treasure for teachers, parents and teens exploring transition issues and skill building. Many of the articles ...

Published: 2012 by Autism After 16 , Reviewed: September 03, 2013


HuffPost Teen

The Huff Post Teen is an online newspaper that is geared toward teenagers. The Huffington Post is its "parent" organization. Access to the Huffington Post is onscreen at all times. The Teen version has a variety of resources. There is news about social issues and events of interest to teens. There is a section in which teens can post poetry and share fiction with others. There are sections that talk ...

Published: 2012 by Huffington Post , Reviewed: April 04, 2012


Purple VRS

PURPLE is an organization that provides communication resources for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. They offer video relay services using videophones, as well as relay using TTY or captioned phones. Video Remote Interpreting is a service that allows any type of organization to download software and use a computer to link employees or customers to live interpreting. This can be used for medical and/or employment situations ranging from job interviews to ...

Published: 2011 by Purple Communications, Inc , Reviewed: January 06, 2012



FamilyConnect is a website for parents of children with visual impairments. The site's resource articles, blogs, and social networking successfully span a range of needs and interests for parents and individuals with visual impairments. A FamilyConnect membership is free but requires registration information. FamilyConnect is vast and includes resources and support for parents, children, teens, and young adults. Topics and resources can be searched by age range (Infant to Teenager), ...

Published: 2011 by American Foundation for the Blind and National Association for Parents of Children with Visual Impairments , Reviewed: March 10, 2011


Model Me Kids

ModelMe Kids are video modeling and supplemental teaching tools for children and adolescents ages 2 through 17. The videos are designed for individuals with Autism, Asperger’s, and those who are Developmentally Delayed and/or have language difficulties. These videos are used to teach social skills across a variety of settings. Each social skill scene is from 30 seconds to 3 minutes in length, comprising a 60-minute DVD in total. Topics addressed ...

Published: 2011 by Susan Klein , Reviewed: April 27, 2011


National Center for Blind Youth in Science Web Portal

This website for blind and low-vision students is sponsored by the National Federation for the Blind and is aimed at students participating in the sciences. The National Center for Blind Youth in Science is the driving force behind the programs and resources included on this website. There is information about the Junior Science Academy and the Blind Youth Slam. The Youth Slam exposes students to careers that were believed to ...

Published: 2010 by National Federation of the Blind , Reviewed: November 03, 2010



PEPNet (Postsecondary Education Programs Network) offers resources and trainings to support educators, students and parents in expanding educational opportunities for people with hearing impairments. PEPNet provides in-service trainings, online seminars, and technology training. PEPNet also posts resources online that address accommodations, testing, transition and employment, legal topics, literacy, and other information of interest to parents, students, and teachers.

Published: 2010 by RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) , Reviewed: September 07, 2011



GCFLearnFree.org, from the Goodwill Community Foundation, Inc., provides free online resources and education opportunities for users who want to improve their math, reading, or technology skills. Based in North Carolina, the site is associated with Goodwill Industries and has more than 1 million students nationwide. In addition to a self-directed reading course (focusing on 1,000 commonly used words), the online learning resources vary from basic life skills and functional literacy ...

Published: 2010 by GFCLearnFree.org , Reviewed: September 16, 2010


Picture Scheduler

Picture Scheduler is an iTunes app that is designed for individuals who need both visual and auditory prompts for completing tasks or creating and/or following a schedule. Organization of steps, tasks and schedules can have both a picture and/or a video to provide necessary support for the user. Once tasks are completed, they can be deleted. Lists or tasks that are needed on a daily basis can be saved so ...

Published: 2010 by Petr Jankuj and Dr. Toni van Laarhoven , Reviewed: August 30, 2010



Abledbody.com offers news and information focused on assistive technologies and advocacy for people with disabilities. Edited by Susan Robitaille, an advocate and journalist, the site includes disability-related news (politics, business, culture, etc.) and pinpoints information and resources that encompass Ablebody's platform to help people with disabilities "become more abled in the workplace and lifespace." Abledbody.com also includes guest columns by disability advocates, AT technology news, a blog, and newsletters.

Published: 2010 by Susan Robitaille , Reviewed: March 10, 2010


Job Accomodation Network

The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) is a technical assistance center of the U.S Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy. JAN “provides free, confidential technical assistance about job accommodations and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The JAN specialists can be reached by phone, email, live online chat, social networking sites and face-to-face or web based trainings." There is a wealth of information here to help people with disabilities ...

Published: 2009 by askjan.org , Reviewed: February 11, 2011



VStreet is a program designed to teach life and social skills to teens in transition. Originally developed for at-risk youth, research has shown that this tool has proved to be effective in teaching young adults many of the life skills they will need when leaving the supporting environment of homes/agencies in finding housing, positive peer group support, obtaining and keeping a job, anger management, and more. There is a definite ...

Published: 2009 by Northwest Media , Reviewed: July 22, 2010


Considerations for People with Disabilities and Their Families

The American Health Lawyers Association booklet "Considerations for People with Disabilities and Their Families" offers readers information on a variety of important topics for people with disabilities. The booklet provides the expected overview of IDEA and includes sections on both Part B (School Aged Children Ages 3-21) and Part C (Newborn to 3 Years), plus information on housing, testing, and employment topics such as ADA, the Uniformed Service Employment and ...

Published: 2009 by American Health Lawyers Association , Reviewed: March 04, 2010


SCI PILOT (Spinal Cord Injury Peer Information Library On Technology)

SCI PILOT is a straightforward collection of product reviews and other information related to living life with spinal cord injuries. The site features stories from individuals with spinal cord injuries, two research guides for students studying spinal cord injuries, and user reviews of assistive technology devices (including a section with low-tech home-made tools, and options for recreation, work, personal care, transfer aids, and emergency equipment). In addition to the resource ...

Published: 2009 by SCI PILOT , Reviewed: May 11, 2009


Supporting Communication Through AAC

This is a website from a disability organization located in the United Kingdom. The website offers free information to parents, teachers, and professionals regarding Augmentative and Alternative Communication, which they define as a second language. This site offers 12 modules that can be downloaded for free in PDF format. Each module stands alone but they are also cross-referenced. The 12 modules include an Intro to AAC; Frequently Asked Questions; Nuts ...

Published: 2008 by Scope , Reviewed: February 24, 2010


Alliance for Technology Access - Web Site

This Web site describes the Alliance for Technology Access and provides numerous links to resources such as the ATA centers around the country, and many vendors of assistive technology products. It also provides funding information, discussion sections and more. It is a wonderful resource for anyone who is or works with people with disabilities.

Published: 2008 by Alliance for Technology Access (ATA) , Reviewed: May 11, 2009


Source Equipment Company Web Site

This is a catalog style Web site that offers alternatives to stairs, including listings of chairlifts, exposed elevators, and stairglides. It also offers many vendor solutions for access to multiple level buildings.

Published: 2008 , Reviewed: December 15, 2008

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