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Youth on the Move

Youth on the Move is a website created by the University of Massachusetts to address all aspects of transition. It is a comprehensive website that looks at services starting in high school and continuing through graduation and the "move" into life after the IEP. Some of the services are specific to Massachusetts but many of the ideas presented are relevant to individuals in other states. There are sections on developing ...

Published: 2012 by University of Massachusetts Boston , Reviewed: January 17, 2013



This free website and its corresponding apps which are available for IOS, Blackberry, Windows and Android platforms, provide the user with lots of transportation and city-specific information. You can “Get door-to-door transit, walking, biking, taxi and hourly car rental directions in over 200 cities worldwide." You can also find places to visit, eat, drink, and sleep in the City Guide. There is an option to find wheelchair and stroller accessible ...

Published: 2011 by HopStop.com , Reviewed: August 14, 2012



FamilyConnect is a website for parents of children with visual impairments. The site's resource articles, blogs, and social networking successfully span a range of needs and interests for parents and individuals with visual impairments. A FamilyConnect membership is free but requires registration information. FamilyConnect is vast and includes resources and support for parents, children, teens, and young adults. Topics and resources can be searched by age range (Infant to Teenager), ...

Published: 2011 by American Foundation for the Blind and National Association for Parents of Children with Visual Impairments , Reviewed: March 10, 2011


Considerations for People with Disabilities and Their Families

The American Health Lawyers Association booklet "Considerations for People with Disabilities and Their Families" offers readers information on a variety of important topics for people with disabilities. The booklet provides the expected overview of IDEA and includes sections on both Part B (School Aged Children Ages 3-21) and Part C (Newborn to 3 Years), plus information on housing, testing, and employment topics such as ADA, the Uniformed Service Employment and ...

Published: 2009 by American Health Lawyers Association , Reviewed: March 04, 2010


SCI PILOT (Spinal Cord Injury Peer Information Library On Technology)

SCI PILOT is a straightforward collection of product reviews and other information related to living life with spinal cord injuries. The site features stories from individuals with spinal cord injuries, two research guides for students studying spinal cord injuries, and user reviews of assistive technology devices (including a section with low-tech home-made tools, and options for recreation, work, personal care, transfer aids, and emergency equipment). In addition to the resource ...

Published: 2009 by SCI PILOT , Reviewed: May 11, 2009


Source Equipment Company Web Site

This is a catalog style Web site that offers alternatives to stairs, including listings of chairlifts, exposed elevators, and stairglides. It also offers many vendor solutions for access to multiple level buildings.

Published: 2008 , Reviewed: December 15, 2008


Ability Magazine

Ability Magazine and its related website have a great deal of information covering a wide range of topics of interest to a person with a disability. The website contains links, disability information, and information on law, public policies, funding, and assistive technology aimed at people from early adulthood into elder years. The magazine is sent out quarterly and features celebrities who have a disability or who work in the disability ...

Published: 2007 by Ability Magazine , Reviewed: September 26, 2007



Although this website is no longer active, Disability World resources are dedicated to advancing an exchange of information and research about the international independent living movement of people with disabilities. A section of the webzine is devoted to Children & Youth and has articles related to international issues for children and youth with disabilities. Another section of the webzine focuses on Access and Technology which describes international technological developments. There ...

Published: 2007 , Reviewed: December 05, 2008


Scooters (Fact Sheet #26)

There are many things to consider when purchasing a scooter for a person who has a mobility impairment, and this article outlines many of those issues. It is divided into sections so it is easy to read and includes many valuable resources that might be important to the consumer. The terminology may vary depending on a person‘s geographical location, but the information is very good and applicable to people throughout ...

Published: 2006 , Reviewed: March 12, 2009


Access-Ability: making technology more usable by people with disabilities

This publication is one of many that are available from the Royal National Institute of the Blind Scientific Research unit. This particular item is an overview of the more detailed Guidelines for the Design of Accessible Information and Communication Technology Systems. There are PDF and HTML versions of the publication available on the website. In the introduction the concept of universal design is presented as an approach to consider for ...

Published: 2006 by Royal National Institute of the Blind , Reviewed: January 06, 2009


The Quest For My Grade

This delightful story is written by a man with Cerebral Palsy about his adventures as he tries to find out the grade he has earned in his college writing class. The short ‘story’ tells about the various obstacles he must overcome, simply to get his grade. It takes him out of his apartment building, to the local grocery store, to the college where he takes his classes, and finally back ...

Published: 2006 by Joe Hemphill , Reviewed: June 16, 2007


Assistive Technology: Enabling Dreams Video

This 11-minute video illustrates the impact that assistive technology makes in the lives of students with disabilities, enabling them to participate as fully as possible in all aspects of education. Several students are highlighted at college and public school level, with demonstrations of how their use of AT enables their studies, communication, and recreation. This video is a "must see" as it shows real people using real tools - and ...

Published: 2005 by Ken Ellis Associates , Reviewed: December 04, 2008


I Can Soar Video

This well-produced video kit includes a documentary-style video and supplemental materials great for building awareness of assistive technology. The video was developed with families, practitioners, school administrators, and state administrators in mind. Viewers learn about real life challenges, benefits of assistive technology, and strategies for integrating assistive technology into daily routines in the home, school, and community. A resource guide and accessible multi-platform CD are included. While organizational and individual ...

Published: 2004 by National Center for Technology Innovation , Reviewed: December 09, 2008


Powered Wheelchairs (Fact Sheet #24)

When someone is considering the purchase of a wheelchair either for themselves or for a family member, there are many features that need to be investigated. This article outlines different aspects of a chair in a way that is easy to read and understand. Even though the article was written several years ago, the information is still current and the references at the end are very valuable resources.

Published: 1994 , Reviewed: June 06, 2005

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