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Adapted Innovation

This Facebook page is paired with a blog by the same name. Adapted Innovation focuses primarily on resources for students with visual or hearing impairments and follows related education news and technology insights. Both the blog and Facebook page are regularly updated with new posts and include topics related to assistive technology in the classroom and at home, universal design for learning (UDL), mobility needs, accessibility, inclusion and advocacy.

Published: 2013 by Julie Johnson, Leslie Caldwell , Reviewed: October 04, 2013



iTransition from PepNet is a tool that can be used by school counselors, deaf education teachers, parents, and students to explore the idea of transitioning from high school to college, training programs, or the world of work. Designed for use with high school students from the age of 14, the tool addresses three areas related to transition: Career Interests and Education Choices, First Year College Success, and Essential Skills for ...

Published: 2012 by PepNet2 , Reviewed: February 01, 2013


Think College

ThinkCollege is a website designed for students moving from middle school to high school. Its purpose is to introduce the idea of attending college to students with cognitive and developmental disabilities. There are sections that discuss the importance of going to college, ways of finding an appropriate college program, means of paying for college, and techniques for being successful in transitioning to college. There are links for parents and for ...

Published: 2012 by Institute for Community Inclusion/University of Massachusetts Boston , Reviewed: January 17, 2013


Accessibility Minute-Assistive Technology Tips and Tricks for Everyone

Accessibility Minute is a weekly podcast from the INDATA Project at Easter Seals Crossroads in Indiana. The weekly topics vary but all are focused on assistive technology issues and tips for users with a variety of AT needs related to vision, hearing or mobility impairments. Each segment is a minute or less and the shows are available to download online as MP3 files. The most recent podcasts can be found ...

Published: 2012 by INDATA Project at Easter Seals Crossroads, Indiana , Reviewed: December 03, 2012


Magic Ear Kids

Magic Ear Kids is a blog by the mother of a child with a mild to moderate hearing loss. Also an aide in special education, she offers a unique perspective on issues related to hearing loss, both that of her daughter and of other children and adults. Her perspective is very down-to-earth, as she deals with day-to-day issues, including battery management, effective advocacy in school and swim class, the depiction ...

Published: 2012 by Joey L. Resciniti , Reviewed: September 26, 2012


Hearing Like Me

Hearing Like Me is a website designed to provide information to individuals who are hard of hearing/hearing impaired, their families, peers and educators. It is created by Phonak, a major manufacturer of hearing devices, and includes information on their equipment. However it also has a lot of excellent and very well organized content under the titles of Living, Raising, Supporting, Learning, The Facts, and Forums. All are available to any ...

Published: 2012 by Phonak , Reviewed: November 28, 2012


Hear me...hear me not

This is a blog written by a mother whose now-15 year old son has a hearing loss that was undiagnosed until he was four years old. She created it to serve as a resource to others in similar situations, to be a support group for herself and others, to provide a means to log experiences as the child "AC" grows and to help break down the stigma and labeling often ...

Published: 2012 by Deb CNY , Reviewed: November 13, 2012


Welcome to the Office of Disability Services Assistive Technology web resource

The Keene State College Office of Disability Services (ODS) has an extremely well-organized and comprehensive website on assistive technology and transition. The home page defines assistive technology and then provides critical information on preparedness for transition. It emphasizes that the students who negotiate transition successfully tend to be those who are on top of their technology needs and tools before they arrive on campus. It then goes on to offer ...

Published: 2012 by Keene State College , Reviewed: April 25, 2013


Tabata Pro

'Tabata' is a kind of Japanese cardio workout which can be completed in four minutes. It is a type of interval training with prepare, work and rest components that structure the cycles of the workout. As an AT app, the interval timer can help users stay on task and make transitions. Tabata Pro is a timer that counts down each section of multiple-step tasks with a transition cue to the ...

Published: 2012 by SimpleTouch LLC , Reviewed: December 16, 2013


Raising and Educating a Deaf Child

Raising and Educating a Deaf Child was the name of a book aimed at parents of children who are deaf or hard of hearing. This website with the same name is a resource for parents, much as the book was. The author of the book is a major presence on the website. This site offers information that is evidence-based and peer-reviewed. The website offers a place for parents, educators, and ...

Published: 2012 by RIT/NTID , Reviewed: March 16, 2012


Uncommon Sense

When it comes to the complexities of parenting a child with a disability, blogs like Dana Nieder's "Uncommon Sense" are a refreshing source of accessible, family friendly resources. "Uncommon Sense" is first and foremost a family blog and the posts are geared to families of children with special needs rather than to the already crowded field of favorite hot button issues. The blog has a deep archive, a public Facebook ...

Published: 2012 by Dana Nieder , Reviewed: February 15, 2012


Technology in (SPL) Education

Technology in (SPL) Education is a review site for a variety of education applications. The site was created by parents and each review is designed to present a summary of software features, potential classroom and home uses, and notes to the developers for specific improvements and feature sets in later versions. The website lets visitors search for apps based on IEP goals and objectives and by price (free or discounted). ...

Published: 2012 by Technology in (SPL) Education , Reviewed: April 01, 2013


Wordflex Touch Dictionary

Wordflex Touch Dictionary is a truly different dictionary for the iPad that allows users to explore language in depth. Developed by Schematix in association with Oxford University Press, this app is beneficial for all students – and can be significantly so for those with language delays. It is easy and intuitive to use, appearing as a flexible mind map on the screen. In a standard dictionary app, a search will ...

Published: 2012 by Schematix Ltd. , Reviewed: January 29, 2013


Purple VRS

PURPLE is an organization that provides communication resources for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. They offer video relay services using videophones, as well as relay using TTY or captioned phones. Video Remote Interpreting is a service that allows any type of organization to download software and use a computer to link employees or customers to live interpreting. This can be used for medical and/or employment situations ranging from job interviews to ...

Published: 2011 by Purple Communications, Inc , Reviewed: January 06, 2012


Assistive Technology Blog

This is a general assistive technology blog that lists, describes and offers videos and step-by-step directions to implement and use a variety of AT tools. The comments about products are informative and give insight as to who would benefit from the identified tool. Each month, one to five tools or resources are discussed and information is given on cost and where to get the product. Although very general in nature, ...

Published: 2011 by Venky Rem , Reviewed: January 27, 2012



DeafMD is a website for deaf people. Presented in video format in ASL, deaf people can find information about medical conditions, explanations of medical tests, and find a deaf-friendly doctor. Medical conditions are presented in an A to Z format and each condition has a signed video explanation. The medical test section is comprehensive and includes an explanation of why it is ordered, what the results will tell the doctor, ...

Published: 2011 by DeafMD.org , Reviewed: October 10, 2011


Hearing Sparks

Hearing Sparks is a blog written by a 23 year old deaf woman named Megan. She states that she wanted to share her thoughts and feelings about being deaf, share news/information for other deaf/hard-of-hearing people, and provide a forum for people to discuss issues related to deafness. Megan discusses a variety of topics; some of the recent ones include her difficulties with locating sounds, how she relates to music, and ...

Published: 2011 by Megan Sparks , Reviewed: September 19, 2011


Wireless for All

This website is a wonderful resource to help seniors and people with disabilities discover the best cell phones for their daily lives. CTIA has created an accessible website with plenty of information about cell phones, manufacturers, wireless carriers, and essential how-to guides. The Wireless for All site explains many of the features cell phone users need and which features to look for to accomplish specific tasks or accommodate different disabilities. ...

Published: 2011 by CTIA , Reviewed: September 01, 2011


Use iChat to Talk Via Text, Voice or Video

iChat is a communication program built into the Apple OS X operating system that functions like Skype. Video chatting requires a web camera and a microphone (if not built into the Mac computer itself) and allows users to talk with one another over the internet. Video chats can be done one-to-one or in groups. The website gives instructions for setting up the iChat account and for configuring it correctly. It ...

Published: 2011 by Andrew Leibs , Reviewed: August 13, 2012


The Periodic Table of Videos

This is a set of captioned videos that explain each of the elements in the Periodic Table of elements. Produced by the University of Nottingham, the main page appears as the Periodic Table of Elements. Users click on an element's symbol which links to a video explaining the molecular structure, how it is formed, how it was named, and properties. The presentation is entertaining and informative. This is a must ...

Published: 2011 by Brady Haran , Reviewed: June 09, 2011

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