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Think College

ThinkCollege is a website designed for students moving from middle school to high school. Its purpose is to introduce the idea of attending college to students with cognitive and developmental disabilities. There are sections that discuss the importance of going to college, ways of finding an appropriate college program, means of paying for college, and techniques for being successful in transitioning to college. There are links for parents and for ...

Published: 2012 by Institute for Community Inclusion/University of Massachusetts Boston , Reviewed: January 17, 2013



This website is aimed at providing information to help people understand special needs. There are pages and pages of information for parents and professionals in a variety of formats. There are stories written by parents and discussions by professionals. There are book reviews, information on events and conferences, podcasts, and questions for the "Developmental Doc". Topics covered include diagnosis and the feelings of parents at the time of diagnosis, communication ...

Published: 2012 by SpecialNeeds.com , Reviewed: January 30, 2013


Tips for College Success by Nigel the Fox

This booklet with tips on how to succeed in college is a fun, cartoon-like way to get some valuable tips for students transitioning to college. There are 12 tips from meeting the professor before class starts to using technology such as audiobooks, PDF's, iPad, iPhone,and MacBook. Each tip provides an explanation, strategies for use, and links to resources when appropriate. Each tip also has a link to a "student" who ...

Published: 2012 by Amir Bar and CAST , Reviewed: November 13, 2012


The Electric Company: Feel Electric!

This is a Parent’s Choice 2012 recommended app designed for the Iphone and Ipad. This Sesame workshop app is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad and requires iOS 3.2 or later. The opening character invites you to express your feelings. There are great live instructions on how to engage with the different elements of the app. In the ...

Published: 2012 by Sesame Street , Reviewed: April 04, 2012


My Unique Child

This website was developed by Cheryl A. Scott, Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LHHC), who is also a published author and the mother of a child with special needs. There is quite a lot of information at this site related to disabilities, from diagnostic information to intervention options. For example in the video section there are videos about kids with autism, Rett’s Syndrome, Spina Bifida, CP and more. There is a ...

Published: 2011 by Cheryl A. Scott , Reviewed: June 09, 2011



E-buddies is an organization that was established in 1979 by Anthony Shriver to facilitate communication and relationships for youth with intellectual or developmental disabilities. It is an international, non-profit headquartered in Washington, DC. E-buddies provides one-on-one email friendships between youth with developmental or cognitive disabilities and peers who do not have these types of disabilities. The program matches youth and volunteers by age, gender, shared interests, and geographic location, but ...

Published: 2010 by Best Buddies International , Reviewed: September 17, 2010



VStreet is a program designed to teach life and social skills to teens in transition. Originally developed for at-risk youth, research has shown that this tool has proved to be effective in teaching young adults many of the life skills they will need when leaving the supporting environment of homes/agencies in finding housing, positive peer group support, obtaining and keeping a job, anger management, and more. There is a definite ...

Published: 2009 by Northwest Media , Reviewed: July 22, 2010


CAST UDL Book Builder

The CAST Universal Design for Learning Book Builder is a program that operates on the assumption that all children have a unique style of learning and that their brains process information differently. This program allows digital books to be created in individualized ways to accommodate different ways of reading and learning. The concept of Universal Design for Learning is explained in detail with activities to demonstrate. Model books are included ...

Published: 2008 by CAST , Reviewed: December 30, 2008


Full-Feature Demonstration Programs on the Internet

This 3-page article, prepared by the Butte County Office of Education in May 2006, covers 42 free full-featured demonstrations of technology that are available for trial. There are 13 different groups of devices and software including the following; AAC Support, Cursors, Graphic organizers, Keyboarding, Math Support, On-Screen Keyboards, Reading/Writing Support, Special Needs Curriculum Support, Switch Support, Text-To-Speech, Tools, Vision Support and Word Prediction. For each of these subjects one or ...

Published: 2006 by Glenda Hampton Anderson , Reviewed: February 27, 2007



This site is a must-try for everyone. Teachers are using it to generate disposable personal organizers for individual students as well as for themselves. First the user selects the “mods” (modules) wanted to put in the organizer. There are multiple templates to choose from. This reviewer chose some day planners including a deadline plotter, a tipping guide, and a storyboard. Drag the templates to the page desired, print it and ...

Published: 2005 by Chad Adams , Reviewed: March 03, 2006


Sights and Sounds Software

Sights and Sounds is a software program for use with children of all ages who have short attention spans or visual impairments. It can be used with a mouse or through switch access. Images are presented through simple, bold graphics on a plain, contrasting background. Sound effects are then generated to help teach a child to attend to sounds and images. The sounds are common to everyday situations and include: ...

Published: 2005 by ASTECH , Reviewed: March 05, 2009

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