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For Kids with Special Needs, More Places to Play

This broadcast, from National Public Radio (NPR), (for which a written transcript is provided on the website), discusses wording in the federal Americans with Disabilities Act that makes inclusive playgrounds mandatory in communities across the nation. The high cost of building an accessible playground and the requirements that must be met are detailed. The broadcast calls attention to the fact that generally it is parents in a community who spearhead ...

Published: 2013 by Robert Benincasa , Reviewed: October 02, 2013


ttstudentservices instructional videos

Bruce Salter, a pediatric physical therapist and assistive technology consultant, has created a series of videos and posted them on YouTube. The videos are aimed at parents and educators in an effort to help with the implementation and effective use of programs and apps related to reading and learning. There are instructions for using iPad technology as well as information on IEP's, legislation related to use of restraints and seclusion, ...

Published: 2013 by Bruce Alter , Reviewed: October 03, 2013


Youth on the Move

Youth on the Move is a website created by the University of Massachusetts to address all aspects of transition. It is a comprehensive website that looks at services starting in high school and continuing through graduation and the "move" into life after the IEP. Some of the services are specific to Massachusetts but many of the ideas presented are relevant to individuals in other states. There are sections on developing ...

Published: 2012 by University of Massachusetts Boston , Reviewed: January 17, 2013


Panther Writer

We all type differently, and the traditional QWERTY keyboard has little logic in today's world other than being the "default" for those typing with 10 fingers. Others have been designed to be far more efficient but have never caught on. With Panther Writer, Panther Technology has rethought the keyboard and come up with an initial offering of four keyboards that provide increased access to a wide range of individuals who ...

Published: 2012 by Panther Technology , Reviewed: February 01, 2013


Panther Connect

Many of us take controlling our computers for granted. We use a keyboard and mouse, and maybe a trackpad to open files, send mail, draw pictures, or browse the web. We don't even really think about it - except when we come across something we can't handle - multiple keystrokes, accurate enough control of a mouse, navigating menus - and then we're stuck. Since people have very different abilities and ...

Published: 2012 by Panther Technology , Reviewed: May 15, 2013


Camera Mouse

The Camera Mouse program was developed by Professor James Gips (Boston College) and Professor Margrit Betke (formerly of Boston College and now with Boston University) to allow people with disabilities to operate the computer with their head movements. It was developed and then marketed commercially. When its commercial startup company failed, the program was taken back by Boston College, improved and now is available as a free download from this ...

Published: 2012 by Boston College , Reviewed: May 23, 2013


Panther Dice

Panther Dice is a simple but powerful tool for inclusion of everyone in play. Built on the universal design principle that technology can be designed to work for a much wider spectrum of people and abilities, the Panther Dice app for iPad, iTouch and iPhone provides a game environment where just about anyone can be a full participant in any game that involves rolling dice. This app is one of ...

Published: 2012 by www.panthertechnology.com , Reviewed: October 11, 2012



The KnowBrainer web site is a combination resource and store. KnowBrainer sells their own third party add-on software for Nuance's Dragon Naturally Speaking and is also a reseller for Nuance products as well as related hardware such as microphones and digital recorders. Their software provides additional commands as well as specialized vocabularies for Dragon Naturally Speaking, which generally receive positive reviews. There are commands available for specific Windows applications such ...

Published: 2012 by KnowBrainer , Reviewed: November 13, 2012


The Ramp Less Traveled

The author of this blog, Jay Ruckelshaus, suffered an injury in an accident within the last year that left him in a wheelchair and needing assistance to manage events of daily living. The blog was initiated on July 8, 2012 and the second installment was written on July 12th. In these two entries, he sheds a great deal of insight on being a person with disabilities and more specifically a ...

Published: 2012 by Jay Ruckelshaus , Reviewed: August 13, 2012



This website introduces the Switchamajig controller to enable a person to use the iPad to activate up to six switches. For a child or individual who wants to drive toys around or control toys with multiple functions, this may be the answer! The controller interfaces with a toy and an iPad. You must download the Switchamajig app to the iPad and then follow directions for set up. The iPad can ...

Published: 2012 by Phil Weaver , Reviewed: February 14, 2012


Rifton Equipment

Rifton Equipment is an offshoot of Community Playthings and has been known for the quality and endurance of their adaptive products for children and adults for more than 30 years. Their products include furniture for seating, standing, bathing, toileting and transfering as well as adaptive tricycles and gait trainers. This website acts as a retail venue and also provides comprehensive instructions as to proper adjustment of all products, videos showing ...

Published: 2012 by Rifton , Reviewed: February 14, 2012



Maria Kowch, the author of this website, is the mother of two children with disabilities. She became a self proclaimed “iPad evangelist” after seeing the difference it made for her children. This site introduces readers to some new, very cool apps that may not be mentioned in other 'app' sites. Hands-free, motion-controlled apps and those controlled by eye gaze are beginning to emerge in iPad technology. Fuego's River Adventure by ...

Published: 2011 by Maria Kowch , Reviewed: January 27, 2012



When it comes to note taking applications, the plethora of options varies as widely as a user’s needs and few applications manage to meld multitasking and multipurpose use with ease of use. It seems that Ginger Labs has solved that problem with Notability, their newly updated, feature-rich and user friendly note taking application for the iPad. Want to record a lecture while typing notes or using the handwriting feature to ...

Published: 2011 by Ginger Labs , Reviewed: November 09, 2011



Verbally is an AAC application designed for the iPad. The free version of Verbally has a word grid, word prediction, three keyboard layouts, two voice options, a chime button (to get the attention of others), and buttons to speak phrases or to speak each word as it is entered. Verbally was designed to be an intuitive and reliable application that speeds and clarifies conversation for users. Verbally is available for ...

Published: 2011 by Intuary , Reviewed: October 11, 2012


Accessibility Update 2010

Accessibility Update 2010 is one of the monthly online newsletters published by Microsoft. It addresses the need to educate and prepare teachers to ensure accessibility for students with disabilities. The articles in the newsletter include Accessibility: A Guide for Educators, which is a download that explains what accessibility is and what it means for students. Back to School: Making Sure Students with Disabilities can See, Hear, and Use their PCs ...

Published: 2010 by Microsoft , Reviewed: March 03, 2011



Smories is a website designed for children to visit to hear other kids read stories. It is a safe place for children to spend time on the internet. The premise is simply that children read stories for other children to listen to. There is a screen full of tiny pictures of the different children who take part in reading stories. Pointing at a picture reveals the name of the story ...

Published: 2010 by Lisa Swerling & Ralph Lazar , Reviewed: April 19, 2011



The Skoog is a soft, squeezable musical instrument that plugs into the USB drive on a computer. Using the software that comes with the skoog, children of varying abilities can participate in musical activities. The Skoog is a soft square with colored balls around it. Each ball has a different sound depending on which surface is touched, pressed, hit, squeezed or twisted. The Skoog has 5 touch-sensitive and color coded ...

Published: 2010 by SkoogMusic , Reviewed: February 08, 2011


iPhone and iPod Touch Apps for (Special) Education

This website is a listing of various applications (apps) that can be used with iPod and iPhone Touch systems. The list is in PDF format. There are different sections and each has lists of various apps that can be purchased through the iTunes Store. Each app is titled and has a description of what it contains plus the icon that would appear on the touch screen when purchased and downloaded. ...

Published: 2009 by Eric Sailers , Reviewed: March 26, 2010


Understanding Accessibility- Videos of users using assistive technology

This website is designed by a computer engineer who focuses on usability of assistive technology and ensures that its design is human-centered. The website provides a wide variety of videos highlighting real people using adaptive technology to access the computer. Each video explains the individual's disability, describes the specific adaptive equipment or software being used, and demonstrates how each piece works. Included are screen readers and screen magnifiers for people ...

Published: 2009 by Abhay Rautela , Reviewed: February 08, 2011


Impulse EMG Switch

The Impulse EMG switch is a wireless switch that works with any controlled muscle movement. It transmits as a switch to the user‘s computer and software, making it possible for anyone who can control a single muscle to use a computer. Though costly, it may be worth the price to enable independent use of a computer. The Impulse follows many years and models of other switches that offered limited success ...

Published: 2009 by AbleNet, Inc. , Reviewed: July 13, 2009

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