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ttstudentservices instructional videos

Bruce Salter, a pediatric physical therapist and assistive technology consultant, has created a series of videos and posted them on YouTube. The videos are aimed at parents and educators in an effort to help with the implementation and effective use of programs and apps related to reading and learning. There are instructions for using iPad technology as well as information on IEP's, legislation related to use of restraints and seclusion, ...

Published: 2013 by Bruce Alter , Reviewed: October 03, 2013


Adapted Innovation

This Facebook page is paired with a blog by the same name. Adapted Innovation focuses primarily on resources for students with visual or hearing impairments and follows related education news and technology insights. Both the blog and Facebook page are regularly updated with new posts and include topics related to assistive technology in the classroom and at home, universal design for learning (UDL), mobility needs, accessibility, inclusion and advocacy.

Published: 2013 by Julie Johnson, Leslie Caldwell , Reviewed: October 04, 2013


Playgrounds for Everyone

This website, supported by National Public Radio (NPR), is devoted to identifying accessible playgrounds around the country. There are excellent pictures which describe the features of an accessible playground as delineated in federal guidelines that went into effect for new and altered playgrounds after March 14, 2102. The law requires that new or altered playgrounds be accessible to all so that all kids are included in public play areas. This ...

Published: 2013 by NPR , Reviewed: September 30, 2013


The Website of Luis Perez

Luis Perez is an educator with a visual impairment. His website focuses on apps for iPod and iPhone that make materials accessible to people with disabilities. He provides information on new products and creative ways he has found to use Apple programs. He blogs and posts videos on YouTube. He tweets and shares his love of photography and adventure. The website includes a comprehensive resource page and lots of tips ...

Published: 2013 by Luis Perez , Reviewed: September 30, 2013


Little Bear Sees

Little Bear Sees is a website designed to be a resource guide for parents of children with Cortical Visual Impairment. Created by the parents and grandmother of a child with CVI, it answers questions and provides basic information about CVI. It gives advice to parents on what toys are most effective for children with CVI. There are links throughout that can be easily accessed. There are a great many resources, ...

Published: 2013 by Aubri Tallent, Andrei Tallent, Fredy Bush , Reviewed: September 05, 2013



Special Education Technology, British Columbia (SET- BC) is dedicated to providing students, teachers and school districts with specific training and a variety of assistive technology tools to increase access to curriculum and foster communication designed to increase student success and independence. The SET-BC SET Stories section offers brief summaries of student success stories and highlights the SET-BC technology lending library and supports. The Stories archive goes back several years and ...

Published: 2013 by SET-BC , Reviewed: July 10, 2013


Magnifying Glass with Light-digital magnifier with flashlight

This free magnifying app may be very useful for kids (or adults) with low vision when print is too small or the room is just too dark. Just point the iPhone/iPad camera at whatever you need to magnify, move the on-screen slider, and the full screen display will enlarge whatever you are looking at up to 5X. If it is dim or dark, the iPhone/iPad LED light can be turned ...

Published: 2013 by Falcon in Motion LLC , Reviewed: May 15, 2013


Talking Goggles

Talking Goggles is an application for smartphones that uses the camera to recognize images and speak aloud what it finds. It recognizes logos, landmarks, books, products, artwork, text and more. It can be used as a scanner/copier. In video mode, it can 'watch' video and if it captures familiar images, can describe them aloud. Customizable features include using the LED light of a smartphone to illuminate images in dim light, ...

Published: 2013 by Sparkling Apps , Reviewed: June 12, 2013


Assistive Technology and the 1:1 Student

A lot has been written about the iPad as an assistive technology tool. In this blog entry, Andrew Marcinek adds to Edutopia's series on 1:1 student and the use of iPads in education. The Boston area instructional technology specialist illustrates the potential for customizing a tool that has been provided to all students through the experience of high school student Meghan Roper. Meghan is able to fully participate in all ...

Published: 2012 by Andrew Marcinek , Reviewed: September 05, 2013


10 Apps for Learners Who Struggle with Reading and/or Writing

This blog post from Paul Hamilton’s “Free Resources from the Net for EVERY Learner” focuses on free or low-cost iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch applications to help students who struggle with reading and writing. Hamilton has compiled summaries and links to information on GoodReader, Dragon Dictation, Nebulous Notes, CloudOn, Side By Side, Type on PDF, Idea Sketch, Text Grabber, vBookz PDF Voice Reader, and AudioNote. The majority of these are ...

Published: 2012 by Paul Hamilton , Reviewed: May 22, 2013


Exceptional Abilities

Exceptional Abilities is a blog written by a special education teacher who works with children who have disabilities ranging from moderate to severe and profound. She is also a parent of two children with mild/moderate special needs and the blog addresses various aspects of raising a child with intellectual or developmental disabilities. The blog's website provides many useful resources and links, including information about iPad and iPhone apps and assistive ...

Published: 2012 by Allie Rhodes , Reviewed: February 20, 2013



This website is aimed at providing information to help people understand special needs. There are pages and pages of information for parents and professionals in a variety of formats. There are stories written by parents and discussions by professionals. There are book reviews, information on events and conferences, podcasts, and questions for the "Developmental Doc". Topics covered include diagnosis and the feelings of parents at the time of diagnosis, communication ...

Published: 2012 by SpecialNeeds.com , Reviewed: January 30, 2013


Tips for College Success by Nigel the Fox

This booklet with tips on how to succeed in college is a fun, cartoon-like way to get some valuable tips for students transitioning to college. There are 12 tips from meeting the professor before class starts to using technology such as audiobooks, PDF's, iPad, iPhone,and MacBook. Each tip provides an explanation, strategies for use, and links to resources when appropriate. Each tip also has a link to a "student" who ...

Published: 2012 by Amir Bar and CAST , Reviewed: November 13, 2012


Panther Dice

Panther Dice is a simple but powerful tool for inclusion of everyone in play. Built on the universal design principle that technology can be designed to work for a much wider spectrum of people and abilities, the Panther Dice app for iPad, iTouch and iPhone provides a game environment where just about anyone can be a full participant in any game that involves rolling dice. This app is one of ...

Published: 2012 by www.panthertechnology.com , Reviewed: October 11, 2012


Vision Assist

VisionAssist is a handheld electronic magnifier app that utilizes the iPhone, iTouch or iPad. It is designed to be a portable solution for people with low vision conditions. As users may often be carrying their iPhone or tablet, this is a very convenient app for those times when there is small print and/or a low light reading situation. The app can also be used with Apple TV and a television ...

Published: 2012 by Slinkyware , Reviewed: October 11, 2012


Accessibility Minute-Assistive Technology Tips and Tricks for Everyone

Accessibility Minute is a weekly podcast from the INDATA Project at Easter Seals Crossroads in Indiana. The weekly topics vary but all are focused on assistive technology issues and tips for users with a variety of AT needs related to vision, hearing or mobility impairments. Each segment is a minute or less and the shows are available to download online as MP3 files. The most recent podcasts can be found ...

Published: 2012 by INDATA Project at Easter Seals Crossroads, Indiana , Reviewed: December 03, 2012


James Nuttall Blog

Dr. James Nuttall worked at the State of Michigan Department of Education for 30 years. He worked in a variety of roles within the Special Education Unit. Born two months premature in Denver, he developed an eye disease associated with prematurity, retrolental fibroplasia (RLF), which left him legally blind. While in school he had difficulties learning to read. "On a sixth grade reading test I could read only 27 words ...

Published: 2012 by James Nuttall , Reviewed: December 03, 2012


Perkins Scout

Designed by the Perkins School for the Blind in Watertown, Massachusetts, Perkins Scout is a free database specific to information and resources for users who have visual impairments or blindness. According to the Perkins School website, the goal is for Scout to become “a centralized hub providing the most reliable and authoritative information about all aspects of living with blindness and visual impairments.” Perkins Scout is well on the way ...

Published: 2012 by Perkins School for the Blind , Reviewed: August 13, 2012


LookTel Money Reader

This app, by IPPLEX, for the Iphone allows you to use your camera to identify currency bills. It is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. It requires iOS 4.0 or later. It uses Voice over to read the denomination of the bill and can do this in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Polish, Russian, Korean, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, ...

Published: 2012 by IPPLEX , Reviewed: September 26, 2012


Start-to-Finish Online Accessible Library

So much information is going to the ‘Cloud’ including Don Johnston’s Start to Finish books which have previously only been available on CD. This now makes them accessible to those who use Web-enabled mobile devices, iPads or computers. The collection is built on the same principles as the original Start to Finish collection where books are narrated by trained readers and are edited by speech language pathologists. The books are ...

Published: 2012 by Don Johnston, Inc. , Reviewed: September 24, 2012

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