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Integrating Technology in a Special Education Classroom

Technology can sometimes be intimidating and integrating technology into the classroom can be confusing. This quick PowerPoint was created by a fourth grade teacher who uses technology regularly in her Special Education classroom. She provides examples of how she uses each of a few devices and software products and accompanies the examples with visuals. She also provides examples of student work, but one has to join her wiki in order ...

Published: 2011 by Kelly Mott , Reviewed: February 16, 2012


iPad & Deaf-blind Accessibility

iPad & Deaf-blind Accessibility is a presentation by Kim Paulk, a Deaf-blind consumer and technology advocate. It is available on the University of Florida web site in PowerPoint format. In twenty-six slides it does a good job of casting the iPad as a powerful tool for individuals who are deaf-blind. The iPad is described as having, out of the box, a full featured screen reader with 200 times magnification and ...

Published: 2011 by Kim Paulk , Reviewed: December 06, 2012


Pete's Power Point Station

This website offers free Powerpoint presentations that can be downloaded and utilized in the classroom by teachers. Also included are free interactive activities, free clipart, and free games. Some of the lessons can be accessed in MS Word and PDF formats. A variety of topics, numbering in the thousands, are offered, including language, math, health and safety, history, geography, foreign language, sign language, science, months, famous people, holidays, art and ...

Published: 2011 by Lin & Don Donn , Reviewed: June 28, 2011


Assistive Technology in the Classroom

This Power Point resource is a succinct presentation of information aimed at helping teachers understand the need for assistive technology in the classroom. It provides an introduction to key definitions and addresses the inclusion of AT in a student‘s Individualized Education Program (IEP). A useful chart, identifying AT categories with examples of specific devices and a brief explanation of accompanying student need, is provided.

Published: 2008 by Anne Czapp , Reviewed: March 31, 2009


Assistive Technology Information for Families

This Power Point presentation is based on the Family Center on Technology and Disability‘s "Family Information Guide to Assistive Technology." It provides basic definitions and offers an array of AT examples organized by function. The "AT in Schools" section addresses the inclusion of technology in a student‘s Individualized Education Program (IEP), and details steps to take during the AT consideration process. The presentation provides information on funding and effective advocacy, ...

Published: 2008 by Hess, Jacqueline; Czapp, Anne , Reviewed: March 10, 2009

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