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Knowing where to begin and how to proceed can be daunting though. The U.S. Department of Education's Office of Special Education Programs created and funded the Family Center on Technology and Disability from 1989-2012 to provide a wide range of resources on assistive technology, from introductory fact sheets and training materials to in-depth discussion of best practices and emerging research. FCTD resources can now be found at OSEP's new Center on Technology and Disability (CTD) at www.ctdinstitute.orgCTD provides an even broader range of professional and personal development resources and events on assistive and educational technologies that allow children and youth of all abilities to participate fully in school, at home, in the community, and at work.  Explore the rich CTD library, the interactive CTD café, and do a deep dive into AT and ET topics within the CTD Learning Center
We look forward to seeing you at Please let us know how we can continue to meet your need for current, relevant, and useful materials on assistive and educational technology for students with disabilities.   

Technology Voices

FCTD's Resource Rich Newsletters can be found at CTD!

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You can read all of FCTD's in-depth newsletters in their new home at Within the CTD Library you can sort by subject, type of resource, and source (in this case, FCTD). Happy reading!

Assistive Technology (AT) Resources

We've updated FCTD resource reviews for the Center on Technology and Disability Library. You can access them by "resource type" within the CTD Library at:

AT Powerpoints

All of FCTD's Powerpoints - useful for training, conferences, and other learning events - can be found in the Center on Technology and Disability's library at:  You can search by resource source (FCTD) or simply type the name of the Powerpoint into the library search bar.  

Assistive Technology in Action Video Series

FCTD's very popular AT in Action video series is available in the CTD Library. You'll meet a wide range of successful young people with disabilities who are using assistive technology to fully engage in school, at home, at work and in the community.

Assistive Technology Fact Sheets

Girl using headphonesAll of FCTD's fact sheets - including AT 101, AT Solutions, AT Laws and more - are available in the CTD Library. CTD is keeping them updated and adding to them monthly!  We've provided a few links below: 

AT 101:  

AT Solutions: 

AT Laws:

AT Glossary:

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FCTD has been honored to serve you since 1999. Now our work has been taken up and expanded by the Center on Technology and Disability Please visit us there where you can find all FCTD materials in the CTD Library, view a wide array of new resources on assistive and educational technology, and participate in expert-led forums and professional development events.